A man in Seguin is under arrest for engaging in a scary type of stalking known as 'gaslighting,' News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Police say Sadaqat Abbasi, 23, broke into an the apartment of a woman he didn't even know on several occasions and moved objects and furniture from the locations where the woman had left them, prompting her to call Seguin Police and complain vaguely that 'something's not right.'

'Gaslighting' is a stang term for attempting to make somebody think they're losing their mind as a type of harassment.

Police were considering charging Abbasi with burglary, but since he didn't steal anything, officers decided on stalking

Police say 'stalking' is a defined as, 'on more than one occasion, commiting an 'offense' against another person or another person's property, causing them to fell 'harassed or alarmed' and would cause a reasonable person to fear that another offense will be committed.'

Using that definition, Police charged Abbasi with stalking.  Abbasi, who is 'known to law enforcement' was arrested without incident and is held on $50,000 bond.

Police don't know why he focused on the victim.