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Morrissey's new "Autobiography" is eliciting plenty of reaction from his British countrymates. 

Comedian Peter Serafinowicz - who's well known for his Moz impression - even felt the need to sing the book's first page to the tune of the Smiths' 1984 classic, "William, It Was Really Nothing."


The video was posted online by "The Telegraph," while another U.K. newspaper, "The Guardian," pointed to some of the book's more revelatory moments. 

The usually guarded Morrissey says his first serious relationship - with a man named Jake Walters - didn't come until the singer was in his 30s.  And a few years after that relationship ended, Morrissey says he fell in love with a woman and seriously considered having a baby together.  As for his own childhood, he reveals that he was touched inappropriately by school teacher when he was 14. 

Morrissey also writes about the British police calling him in for questioning in 1988 to determine whether he was really a threat to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after he released the song "Margaret on the Guillotine."  He also claims he was unsuccessfully targeted by kidnappers in Mexico, and was once offered a cameo on the hit sitcom "Friends." 

Morrissey's "Autobiography" is currently only available in the U.K. and Europe, with no U.S. release date on the schedule yet. 

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