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Neil Young is on a special road trip. 

The rocker recently launched a trek to showcase his 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible, which he's modified into an energy-efficient vehicle that runs on cellulosic ethanol.  And they're documenting their journey on the car's Tumblr page

The vehicle introduces herself as "LincVolt," but says "you can call me LV."  She explains that she's "not just another classy chassis" but has "a lot going on under the hood," which is why she has the blog.  With the trek LV and Young - her "b-f-f and driver" - are "demonstrating the viability" of cellulosic ethanol, and will visit "Washington DC, Detroit and other centers to show that a big car can be very clean, economical and efficient." 

So far LV and Young have traveled to California's Joshua Tree National Park and the Imperial Sand Dunes.  They've also posted a photo of the "VLC," which LV explains is her "polar opposite" - a Very Light Car. 

LV admits she's a "Very Heavy Car" but doesn't really want to discuss her weight, because she's "a lady."  LV adds that she and the VLC are "soul sisters" who both "believe in zero emissions and in saving Mother Earth."  Fans can read more of LV's blog at