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Robert Plant is taking action in the wake of threats from a delusional fan. says the Led Zeppelin frontman has received a temporary restraining order against Alysson Billings, a woman the rocker says has been pursuing him for the past three years.  Plant says he's never met Billings, but she believes they're a couple.  He explains that she continually leaves him gifts, flowers, messages, and hotel room keys, and shows up at concerts all throughout the world. 

Plant says he's just now asked for the order of protection because Billings' notes have turned threatening since he's begun a relationship with Patty Griffin. 

The messages Billings allegedly sent use vile language to reference Griffin, claim Patty is "ruining" Robert, and call Plant's relationship with Griffin a "betrayal."  Billings' notes also say she "cannot, will not, shall not live this way anymore."  Plant has also hired a security assessment team to help him with the situation, and they believe Billings poses a danger to Robert and Patty.