Court martials of Lackland AFB Military Training Instructors have gone on for two years, with a string of training sergeants standing before miltiary courts on changes that they improperly and illegally flirted with, had sexual relationships with, and even raped female trainees.


  But a court martial which opens today has a different twist.  For the first time, a female MTI is on trail, charged with having an improper relationship with four male recruits.


  Staff Sergeant Emily Allen faces up to a year in prison if convicted.


  "Staff Sergeant Allen is charged with having improper relationships with four technical training students," said Lt. Samantha Ness, a spokeswoman for Lackland.


  That means the male victims were not raw recruits.  They had graduated from basic training and were students in one of the technical training programs at Lackland.


  "She is the only female MTI who has come to trial in this series of cases," Ness said.


  Last week, a male MTI was the first to be convicted of offenses involving male victims, even though he was acquitted on charges that he raped a male Airman.


  17 MTIs have been court martialed in the ongoing sex scandal.  Ironically, one of the steps the Air Force has taken to try to deal with the problem is to bring on more female training instructors.