Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau says the two jail guards who got into a fist fight over the weekend had disagreed on how best to train a rookie guard.

  She says one of the deputies bit the other man's ear off.  He was hospitalized at NIx Hospital.

  Pamerleau says this is just the latest incident in a series of unfortunate cases which are tarnishing the reputation of the Sheriff's Office.

  "The vast majority of the more than 1700 law enforcemetn and detention officers are doing a great job," she said.

 She says there will be 'changes in the culture' to prevent these incidents from reoccuring.

  "These are behaviors that don't change overnight," she said.  "We are working to make sure our officers and employees know what the expectations are."

  She said counseling programs and a chaplain program will be implemented.

  Among the jail guards fighting one another, she is concerned about another detention officer who was arrested over the weekend for spousal abuse, and a third was arrested last week for helping his wife evade arrest.

  "If there are no appropriate outlets to release job related stress, than we shouldn't be surprised that these things take place," Pamerleau said.

  She says working in a jail at a large urban county is a 'stressful job.'