Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said today he will not be filing a lawsuit to have the San Antonio gay and lesbian anti discrimination ordinance declared unconstitutional, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  In a statement to 1200 WOAI news, Abbott said changes to the ordinance, including removal of the so called 'word and deed clause,' has resulted in the most 'problematic language being removed.'


  "We are pleased the city council heeded our advice and deleted this provision, which surely would have been grounds for a constitutional challenge," Abbott said.  "We will continue to review the ordinance and monitor the situation."


  The 'word and deed clause' which would have barred anybody who expressed an opinion that homosexuality is wrong from being appointed to a city board, was the clause that got many evangelical conservatives fired up.  It was removed early in the debate over the measure, which passed September 5 on an 8-3 council vote.


  Abbott's decision doesn't mean the new law will not face a court challenge.  Several conservative groups, including the Liberty Institute, are expected to file legal challenges to the new law.