Saturday's 'come and take it' open carry rally at the Alamo went off without any incidents, as many of the gun rights advocates who attended the rally at the Alamo spent most of their time admiring other attendee's guns.


  About half of the participants carried rifles slung over their shoulders, most of them carefully marked to demonstrate the weapons were unloaded or could not be fired.


  "The folks who say it is in your face, I think there was some validity to their comments," State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who spoke at the rally and who granted permission for it to take place at the Alamo, which his office operates, told 1200 WOAI news.


  Patterson and others in attendance said they wanted to highlight state law which allows rifles to be carried in public without any permit or training course required.


  "A reason for our separation from Mexico," Patterson said of the appropriateness of holding the rally at the Alamo, "That reason was Mexico's attempts to confiscate arms and to restrict our right to arms."


  Police Chief William McManus mingled with the crowd and chatted amiably with the participants, even though many said they were at the protest to show their opposition to SAPD policy of stopping people who carry rifles in the city.


  They also wanted to show their support for a Ft. Hood master sergeant who was arrested for carrying a long rifle while hiking down a central Texas road with his son.