They decided not to decide last night in Alamo Heights.


  '09ers will have to wait until January to decide whether the Alamo Heights Planning and Zoning Commission will give the approval to a $30 million investment by Alamo Manhattan developers to provide retail space and 'high end rental units' on property at Broadway and Austin Highway.


  The Commission will have to approve rezoning the property from a multi-family district to a commercial zone, and for a special-use permit granting exemptions to the existing Alamo Heights building code, the developer said.


  Last night's deferral means Alamo Heights City Council, which has the final say, won't be able to decide the issue until next year.


  Supporters point out that the project would upgrade the Broadway corridor in Alamo Heights, and would bring the same 'energy' to the area that the high end apartments being built near the Pearl Brewery have brought to the Lower Broadway area.


  The developer says the project would mean 'millions' of dollars in tax revenues for the city and for the Alamo Heights ISD.


  Opponents say the 1.7 acre site is too small for the proposed development, worry about traffic congestion and density issues, and say ancillary issues, like the parking that would be needed for the residents of the Now 160 proposed apartment units and the costs to the city of running the sewer, water, and other infrastructure to the complex would overshadow the money the city would make.


  Others say they simply don't like the looming bulk of the complex standing that the iconic corner which for decades has been dominated by the famous Alamo Heights Pegasus, and the iconic former Mobil Station.


  Also, the idea of 'apartments' drives many 09ers batty.  One comment on 'my Alamo Heights dot com' reads simply, "When it comes to housing in this tightly knit community, apartment buildings aren't going to win any popularity contests.  As a residential refuge from downtown, Alamo Heights has only one apartment community in its city limits, and many residents hope to keep it that way."