Johnny Football is doing more than improving Texas A&M's football fortunes.


  Shane Hinckley, Interim Vice President for Marketing and Communications for the Texas A&M System, tells 1200's Stephanie Narvaez that sales of the university's maroon merchandise have soared in the last year.


  "Sales are up everywhere," Hinckley said.  "We are in a position of 12th nationally in terms of total sales.  We are seeing a great push in the Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio marketplaces."


  He says sporting goods stores are stocking up on Aggie branded and licensed merchandise, and many report begin sold out.  A&M gets a healthy percentage of all jerseys, t-shirts, and other Aggie sports memorabilia that is sold.


  Hinckley says A&M merchandise is clearing the shelves while the burnt orange merchandise of their 'tea-sip' rivals from Austin is being discounted because the shirts from the struggling Longhorns is attracting nothing but cobwebs.


  He says that is a complete reversal of the situation five years ago.


  "Our growth rate is the highest of any school in the country in terms of merchandise," he said.  "It is very cyclical, we do see merchandise sales lag for some of those schools which aren't having as much success right now."


  He says the move to the SEC, the Heisman Trophy for Johnny Manziel, his success so far this season, and even the fact that Manziel has become a colorful, and controversial, character have all contributed to the explosive growth of A&M merchandise sales.


  "We've got more retail partners who are considering us as a primary brand, as opposed to a secondary brand," Hinckley said.  "We are seeing that happening at retailers all across the state right now."


  Hinckley says Johnny Manziel is also helping put fannies in freshman economic classes.  He says preliminary numbers show Texas A&M's main campus in College Station is now the second largest university in the country, behind Arizona State University, in terms of traditional, single campus four year universities.  The list excludes on line colleges like the University of Phoenix, community colleges, and universities which count multiple campuses as one university.