Gov. Rick Perry just yesterday signed a very restrictive bill which bans abortion after twenty weeks gestation.  But some anti abortion activists in the Legislature still aren't satisfied.


  They've filed a bill in the Special Session what would essentially outlaw abortion.


  Called the Fetal Heartbeat Bill, the bill would outlaw any abortions after a doctor could detect a beating heart in the fetus in the womb.  That heartbeat can be detected as early as 18 days after conception, and after no more than six weeks in the womb. 


  This bill would make abortion illegal in Texas, because a heartbeat is frequently detected before the woman even knows she is pregnant.


  Filed this late in the special session, the bill has virtually no chance of being approved. 


  It would also have to be placed on the agenda for the Special Session by Gov. Perry, something which is unlikely to happen as the session nears its final week, and with an abortion restriction bill already approved by lawmakers.