Just one day after Tech Sgt. Bobby Bass was convicted in the Lackland sex with recruits scandal and sentenced to six months in prison, the 18th former Military Training Instructor to be charged in the scandal will face a court martial today, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Staff Sergeant Robert Hudson is charged with having an unprofessional relationship with a technical training student, adultery, and obstructing justice.


  Hudson is also charged with 'maltreating and assaulting' eight basic trainees, but officials say that conduct was 'not of a sexual nature.'


  Some 33 MTIs are under investigation or have been charged, in what officials say is the biggest sex scandal to hit the U.S. military in nearly twenty years.


  The Lackland scandal has prompted Congressional hearings, and has led to changes in the way basic military training is handled across the services.


  MTI's who have been court martialed so far have on occasion faced tough sentences, one is serving a thirty year term, but most have been handed relatively light sentences and many, like Bass, have not been removed from the Air Force.