Insurance Companies Taking a Wait and See Attitude
Only one insurer so far for 76 Texas counties

Stephen Brotherton, M.D., with the Texas Medical Association
says launching the Affordable Care Act is a big deal ... on the
scale of launching Social Security or Medicare.

"I think it's probably exactly on that scale. But I have not
had to launch a huge program like this."

So it's not unusual to see knots rolled out as well
out in the roll out process.

He says another one of those knots knotting up the roll out
is the lack of competition. He says in some Texas counties,
about 76 of them, only one insurance company
is being offered.

"I know doctors at times must decide, if there is a new product,
if they want to be a ground level participant
or if they want to let the dust settle."

He says the problem with that is the lack of competition affecting price.

"If there is only one company providing insurance
under any system, it's not competitive."

Which affects quality of service. He says it's early yet.