It's the end of the line for one of the most infamous killers in San Antonio history.


  A federal appeals court today rejected the appeal of Rolando Ruiz, who was the hit man in the May 1992 murder of USAA employee Teresa Rodriguez, who was shot and killed as she stepped out of her car in the garage of her northwest side home.


  Ruiz had been hired by Rodriguez' husband Michael to kill his wife.  Amazingly, Michael invited Teresa out for a romantic dinner and a movie, and ordered Ruiz to shoot her as the couple returned home.


  Evidence at trial indicated that Rodriguez' original plan was for Ruiz to murder Teresa when the couple left a restaurant, but that plot was foiled by the presence of a security guard.


  On the evening of May 14, 1992, when Michael and Teresa Rodriguez returned home, Ruiz approached their car, and received a nod from Michael as a sign to carry out the crime.


  He then approached Teresa, who was getting out of the passenger door.  When Teresa smiled at him, Ruiz grabbed her arm and shot her through the head.


  Evidence indicated that Ruiz was paid $2,000, and after the killing, he went home and played basketball.


  Michael and his brother Mark, who was also party to the crime, were sentenced to life in prison, while Ruiz, as the triggerman, was sentenced to death.


  Ironically, Michael has already been executed, while Ruiz remains alive.  Michael was the leader of the 'Texas Seven' escape from the Connolly Prison Unit near Beeville in 2000.  He was sentenced to death for the murder of an Irving Police Officer who was killed during that escape, and was executed in 2008.


  Ruiz can still appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.