The Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation voted Wednesday to recommend that the county spend $194 million to try to turn the abandoned Astrodome into a convention venue, 1200 WOAI news reprots.

The Astrodome has been added to the list of the most endangered places in America, and the recommendation could lead to the dome, which has been empty since 2009, being saved.

Preservation Texas's president Anna Hudson wants to see this happen.

"Just as it was the first of its kind as a dome and Houston made its mark in the 60s with the Astrodome."

Its future is a hot topic in Houston. Some call it an "old asbestos laden relic" that should be torn down.
Others want to keep it and the history it represents, longtime Houstonians and sports fans hoping that their love and nostaligia for the Astrodome may save it.

Hudson says the "8th wonder of the world"  should be saved.

"It was constructed in 1964 and it was the first of its kind
and it served as the model for other stadiums and arenas
and it was the home for the Oilers and the Astros."

"They were being inventive and creative
and they didn't listen to people who said
that they could not do that ... so yes, it's a
big challenge to repurpose." 

The Astrodome was last used for events in 2009, and since then it has been declared to be unfit for occupancy.

So far, however, 19 privately-submitted ideas to preserve the dome failed to gain traction.  A proposal to turn the dome into a casino was floated last decade, but that flopped because Texaa has not legalized casino gambling.