The nation's oldest living veteran tells 1200 WOAI news he's ready for Veterans Day.


  Richard Overton is 107 years old.  He spoke to 1200 WOAI's Michael Board during an early Veterans Day celebration sponsored by the Texas Veterans Land Board near his home in Austin.


  Overton enlisted in the Army in his mid thirties, and he served in the South Pacific in World War Two.


  His advice to the younger generation, which he describes as 'anybody under the age of 100' is to 'stay out of trouble.'


  "I never was arrested, that's why I'm getting on so good," he said.  "I still have my license and I still drive."


  He says one of the secrets to his long life is his 'younger girlfriend.'  Overton's girlfriend is 90 years old.


  "You have to do the right thing I guess, to stay out of trouble is the right thing."


  Overton joked that he enjoys a little whiskey in his coffee and the occasional cigar.


  The General Land Office gave him an entire box of cigars to honor his service to his country.


  Happy Veterans Day, Mr. Overton, and to all the other proud American veterans who followed your wonderful example!!