As tons of newcomers move to San Antonio, they're bringing their progressive ideas about animal welfare with them.

"We are not the San Antonio that we used to be," says Animal Care Services' Lisa Norwood. She says people from California, Arizona or Chicago won't stand for sick tired or dead strays littering our streets.

"So our community, as a whole, is embracing positive progress and innovation and we're trying to find new ways to solve old problems."

Norwood says the caveat is the return rate.

"One way that you can stave off returns is by having a sound adoption counseling process."

Since it doesn't help solve the problem bringing the pet back. Norwood says pet lovers can adopt at any area shelter; all adoptions to a forever home will help solve the problem.

"Best bet, if you are unsure, is to NOT adopt the pet. And we will certainly say that.
So we would rather have the pet go to a forever home than a until-they-get-tired-of-me home."