Before you drop off your kids at school, you may want to rethink the backpack they may be wearing.

      Around this time of year it’s not unusual for kids to start complaining of back and hip pains, Dr. Ephraim K. Brenman with the San Antonio Orthopaedic Group said.

      “I'm probably getting at least one child a month coming in with shoulder, neck, mid-back pain, lower-back pain and hip pain,” he said. “It’s mainly because of the backpack.”

      Parents should invest in backpacks with the extra cushion, or waist belt and if they can opt for a backpack with wheels especially if their child is elementary age, Brenman said.

      “I don’t see as many high school kids complaining of back pains, it’s mostly the kids that are still growing and developing,” Brenman said. “That’s because they haven’t really built up their full muscle mass yet and haven’t really grown enough in order to put up with the weight of the backpack.”

      Kids are more active then they use to be so a lot of times kids have to travel with everything and anything they could need for school and after school programs, Brenman said.

      “Parents need to make sure kids put the backpack evenly over both shoulders and when they’re packing the bag make sure the  heaviest books are put toward the middle of the pack,” Brenman said. “If it's still too heavy they need to take the heaviest book out and just carry it in their arms.... this will make a world of difference."