A wild fight in the parking lot of a north east side apartment complex left one man nursing a gunshot wound and several others on the run, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  It began about 11PM at the Quail Creek Apartments in the 8600 block of Quail Creek, which is near Loop 410 and Starcrest.


  Police say one group of four men got into a fight with another group of 12 men in the parking lot of the complex.


  At one point, somebody decided to end it with a bullet.  He pulled a gun and wounded one of the participants in the fight, shooting him in the stomach.


  The wounded man was rushed to Northeast Baptist Hospital and then taken from there to SAAMC where he is in serious condition.


  The gunman is on the run.


  Police say the fight was the result of words that were exchanged earlier between two men.  When he got eleven buddies together and marched to the apartment complex to settle the score, he found the other man had also gathered his friends, and were waiting for them.