Two former BAMC employees, including a physician, pled guilty in federal court in San Antonio to ripping off taxpayers to the tune of some $8 million in rigged contracts, 1200WOAI news reports.

  Dr. Heidi Webster, 50, and Peter Fenti, 43, pled gulty to intent to defraud the United states, commit bribery, commit wire fraud, and commit money laundering.

  "These defendants treated the American taxpayers like their own personal ATM's," U.S. Attorney Robert Pitman said.  

  The feds said the pair took advantage of prime contract'r non competitive bidding at BAMC to rig contracts for MRI equipment.  

  "This prosecution should send a message to would be thieves that we are keeping a close watch on government contracting and when we detect fraud, we will respond with the full force of criminal law,"Pitman said.  

  The pair face up to six years in prison. They will each also have to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the government.