Even the bats are holding their breath, to see if their proponents, Bat Conservation International, can raise the money to buy land from developers who would place a housing development in the flight path of the bats residing at Bracken Cave.


Fran Hutchins with Bat Conservation, says they're working on a plan to keep that land for the bats.


"We have had meetings with representatives from Gaylord Properties about purchasing the 1,500 acres from the developer," says Hutchins.


Hutchins says the caveat is that they have to raise the money soon ...if they don't the developer will proceed with their building plans.


 "They won't wait forever so at some point they will move forward with the development plans if we can't move forward with purchasing it."


He says that they're looking to the city of San Antonio to help them match grant money. And they welcome any deep pockets who would come in and kick off their fundraising campaign.