Relatives of 33 year old Denver woman Leanne Bearden today posted an 'open letter' to her on a Facebook site dedicated to finding the missing women, urging her to 'reach out to SOMEONE, ANYONE and let them know' that she is okay, 1200 WOAI news reports.


Bearden has been missing since she walked away from her in-laws home in Garden Ridge on August 17th, and family members tell 1200 WOAI news they have concluded that she left voluntarily. They say the was having stressful episodes thinking about returning to her daily life as a sales representative in Colorado, following a 22 month around the world journey with her husband Joshua.


"We want you to know that in NO WAY are you in any kind of trouble with anyone and none of us are upset or angry with you about any of this," the letter reads. "We love you so much and just want to know if you are okay."


The relatives say they don't need to know where Bearden is or what she is doing 'if that's not what you want,' but say 'we would just really like to hear from you.'


Bearden has been the object of intense searching, but police have determined that she was not the victim of foul play, and although they say they will continue to follow up on leads, they plan to lead no more searches.