As President Obama visits Austin today, Texas business groups say they welcome him to the state, and hope he learns something.


  The President is beginning what he calls his 'middle class jobs and opportunity tour,' by visiting a technical training high school in Manor, northeast of Austin, and by visiting an industrial facility.


  But Bill Hammond, President of the Texas Association of Business says he hopes the President is learning in addition to talking while he is in the state.


  "Maybe it will open his eyes to what low taxes and low regulation can do," Hammond said.


  Business leaders say they hope that the President takes note of the fact that hundreds of CEO's just named Texas, which has economic policies largely in opposition to the President, is the best state in the country for business development, and California, which is far more in line with the President's policies, is dead last on that list.


  "Hopefully, he'll get the message that low taxes and sensible regulation, as opposed to his model, would be a sensible course for him to follow," Hammond said.


  Governor Perry issued a similar welcome to the President.


  "We welcome President Obama to Texas, he will find a state that has been very successful in creating jobs and a healthy state economy," Perry said.  "Texas' combination of a balanced budget, low taxes,  predictable regulations, meaningful tort reform and an education system that promotes the STEM fields and prepares our workforce to compete for the jobs of the future is a blueprint for job creation for other states and for our nation."


  Hammond said if the President really wanted to boost jobs and business, there is one thing he could do right now which would be far more effective than visiting a semiconductor plant.


  "If he wanted to do something about jobs, he could cancel, or at least do something to delay the implementation of the Affordable Care Act," he said.