An American Airlines flight from San Antonio to Dallas got out of control when two passengers started slugging each other, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  D/FW Airport Police tell 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez that the action happened on  American Flight 1554, which took off from San Antonio at about 5PM and arrived at Dallas Fort Worth an hour later.


  Deacon Chancellor Cooper, 43, from Rush Springs Oklahoma told police that he was sitting with a friend discussing their next flight, when a man who was sitting directly across the aisle from him started interrupting his conversation.


  Cooper said the other passenger, identified as Scott Prascher, 43, of McKinney, kept 'cursing and bothering him.'


  At one point, Cooper said Prashcer called him a 'fat fucker.'  At that point, Cooper said he 'backhanded Prascher in the face with his right hand.'


  Police say Prascher then took off his seat belt and jumped on top of Cooper, attempting to hit him.    Several other passengers managed to pull Prascher off Cooper and held him down until the plane arrived at the gate.


  Police say Prascher was charged with Public Intoxication.  Cooper got a 'Mulligan' and was allowed to fly on to his destination.