A native of the dysfunctional east African nation of Somalia has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison in San Antonio after he admitted to lying to federal agents who were investigating his ties to terrorist groups, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Abdullahi Omar Fidse, 29, was arrested at the port of entry in Hidalgo back in June of 2008, and at the time he claimed to be fleeing Al-Qaeda terrorists who had murdered his father back home in Somalia.


  Also arrested with Fidse was a 25 year old woman who he alternately claimed was his interpreter, his wife, and his girlfriend.


  But after he was admitted to the Immigration Detention Facility in Pearsall, Fidse couldn't keep his mouth shut.


  The feds say he told an undercover informant in the jail that he 'supports violent, radical jihad,' that he backs the 'killing of non Muslims,' and he bragged about his material support for Al Qaeda backed groups in his home country, once saying how he bought an armored vehicle for use by the 'al-Shabaab terrorist group.


  He also repeatedly told anyone who would listen how much he 'adored' Osama bin Laden.


  The woman who was with Fidse was also sentenced yesterday to five years in prison.


  "Homeland Security Investigations unique law enforcement authorities provide the tools essential to investigating a wide variety of criminal violations and immigration offenses," said HSI Special Agent in Charge Vincent Iglio.  "These authorities proved to be a critical advantage in building a case agaisnt Abdullahi Omar Fidse."


  The girlfriend admitted that she and Fidse conspired to provide false information to authorities to gain entrance to the United States as well as provide false information to authorities concerning support for terrorist organizations.