After being counted out for dead after the closing of the Mission Drive In Theater on San Antonio's south side, 1200 WOAI news reports the drive in is making a comeback in Texas.


  Ryan Smith plans to open at Stars and Stripes Drive in in New Braunfels this coming summer.


  "Our ticket prices are by the person, the young kids get in free, but otherwise, it’s an affordable price for a double feature," Smith told 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez. "Two new movies."


  Smith has a Stars and Stripes Drive in Theater open in Lubbock, complete with a 'Fifties Cafe.'


  "We will have the biggest screens in the state, three screens showing all new movies, and the picture and sound quality will be incredible.  It's not like it was in the old drive ins."


  That means no more heavy metal speakers that you latch onto your car window.  Smith says the sound is fully digital and is piped into your car radio so it can be heard on your multi-speaker car sound system.


  He says many of the annoyances of going to the movies are avoided at a drive in.


  "People enjoy the privacy from watching a move from their own car," he said.  "People talking on the phone or texting doesn't bother you at a drive in."


  There are also no kids kicking the back of your seat, or those lovely gummy floors of a traditional theater.


  There is enough space in the parking space to put out lawn chairs, and dogs are even invited.


  Smith promises that the double features will both be new in-theater movies.  The plan is to open the Stars and Stripes Drive in in New Braunfels in time for this coming summer.