The Alamo Heights Planning and Zoning Commission, following a meeting that stretched for more than six hours, has advised against a proposed 'mixed use' apartment complex on the north side of the Broadway and Austin Highway intersection, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Residents of Alamo Heights packed the hearing at Cambridge Elementary School and more than fifty people spoke.  Most were in favor of the project.


  Alamo Manhattan, a Dallas based developer, has proposed a complex which would include restaurants, shops, and 165 apartment units.   Following comments from residents, the proposal was cut by one story and the number of apartments was cut from 210 to 165.  But the commission ruled that the project is still too large, and asked City Council to request that it be reduced in size and density.


  The final decision is up to City Council which will vote on Monday.


  Supporters say the project would boost the area which is being bypassed for new development, and would bring an 'energy' to the area similar to what has happened on Lower Broadway in the Pearl Brewery area.


  Opponents say the project is too large and bulky for the 'City of Beauty and Charm' and they say apartments don't fit into the long term growth plan for the upscale suburb.


  Alamo Manhattan had requested a 'specific use permit' to build the project.