A 37 year old man learned the hard way that you can't believe everything you read on the Internet.


  The man was arrested after he refused to answer questions from Border Patrol agents at the check point on I-35 north of Laredo.


  The Department of Homeland Security says the man stopped at the checkpoint and was asked for his immigration status.


  The driver refused to answer, so the man was referred to a secondary inspection lane so the constitutional questions could be debated without tying up other traffic.


  But the man refused to budge, and instead turned off the engine on his truck.


  He was then arrested and turned over to Homeland Security Investigations.


  The Border Patrol says Section 287 of the Immigration and Nationality Act says 'anyone impeding agents' ability to carry out their duty at checkpoints, will be subject to arrest and prosecution.'


  There are several web sites and videos on line encouraging people to 'refuse to answer questions' at Border Patrol checkpoints, and telling them to 'stand up for your rights as a U.S. citizen.'


  The Border Patrol says it was impeding traffic on I-35 that got the guy arrested.