Mack Brown joked about his job status as head coach of the University of Texas today at the annual Alamo bowl coaches news conference at the Club at Sonterra.


  “There’s been a little speculation about my job status this week, if some of you haven’t noticed,” Brown told reporters.


  Brown quickly made it clear that he was not ready to discuss whether he will actually be on the sidelines at the Alamo Bowl, which is set for December 30th.


  “My situation has not changed,” Brown said.


  But he allowed that the fact that DeLoss Dodds plans to step down next year as UT Athletic Director does make his situation uncertain.


  “Any time that your athletic director changes, I want to sit down with he and Bill (UT President William Powers) and talk about where our program is going,” Brown said.

  The web site Orange Bloods reported this week that Brown, who is under fire after three underperforming seasons at U.T., including a hard fought 30-10 loss to Baylor last Saturday, will step down before the Alamo Bowl.


  Powers today confirmed that a meeting with Brown is in the cards, but Powers’ future is also uncertain.  The U.T. System Board of Regents is meeting today to discuss whether Powers will remain in that position.


  “I am looking forward to my meeting with Bill and then we’ll all get on the same page and move forward,” Brown said.