Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau says this gives new meaning to the term 'jail cell.'


  She tells 1200 WOAI's Michael Board that a contractor with access to the Bexar County Jail was able to sneak cell phones to jail inmates while working in the jail commissary.


  "The individual was granted access to the jail to perform his job, but he abused that access," Pamerleau said.


  He says the contractor was able to get cell phones past the guards and into the hands of two inmates.


  Arrested is the contractor and two inmates, and she says more arrests are expected.


  She says special metal detectors have been installed which everyone, from the Sheriff to all deputies, jail guards, contractors, and even the media will have to clear before being allowed into the jail.


  "There is now only one single entrance for the secure part of the Adult Detention Center," she said.


  "Everyone who enters the jail will have to be fully screened.  We now have a walk-through detector.


  She says the investigation is not over and additional arrests are possible.


  Cell phones are golden inside prison cells.  Inmates can use them to order or arrange for crimes to be committed in the free world, arrange for drug buys, and commit further crimes.