Watch out, Miami, San Antonio Police say they are ready for Spurs fans pouring into the downtown area at about midnight tonight, AFTER the Spurs clinch their fifth NBA Championship, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "There is actually a very detailed plan in place based on our past experience with Spurs championships," Chief William McManus told 1200 WOAI news.


  McManus says one thing they have learned is police don't have to worry about the rowdy, out of control vandals which have embarrassed other cities during their victory celebrations.  The thing that has kept police officers busy at the previous four Spurs downtown victory celebrations is high-fiving the fans.


  "There have been enough examples of Spurs championships in the past to show that Spurs celebrations are spirited, but very much in consideration of other people's rights," McManus said.

  Many of the fans are expected to flood downtown from the AT&T Center, which will be holding another official Spurs viewing party for Game Six, which will be played in Miami.  Tip of is at 8PM, with the broadcast with teh Vocie of the Spurs Bill Schoening starting at 7:30 on 1200 WOAI.

  John Clamp, who heads the San Antonio Hotel and Lodging Association, says downtown hotel managers have put guests on notice that they might get awakened by some street parties late tonight.  He says most visitors to the city think hearing sounds of fans celebrating the Spurs victory is part of the fun of a trip to San Antonio, like when you go to New York City you expect to hear the city sounds.


  "I think people are excited," Clamp said.  "Maybe it might be a little hard getting up in the morning, but its part of the charm of the City of San Antonio."

  He says if there are people at the downtown hotels who don't want to hear the celebrations, like maybe visitors from Miami, hotel managers are providing earplugs.


  If, or when, the Spurs beat the Miami Heat tonight to win the NBA Championship, players will immediately put on Spurs NBA Champions 2013' hats, and local sporting goods retailers will immediately open their doors and begin selling official merchandise.


  Jason Porta, an attorney for the NBA, says that is part of a very carefully planned agreement with sellers and makers of officially licensed merchandise.


  "Some of whom are allowed to print beforehand, and they are under very strict guidelines about when they can ship those items out to the retailers," Porta said.


  He says there are also rules that any merchandise imprinted with the logo of a team which does not win the championship has to be immediately destroyed.


  So we think that manufacturers can begin churning out Spurs-branded items with confidence, right?