A police report released Monday on the murder of 44 year old Julie Rodriguez, who was shot to death as she sat in the back seat of her car waiting to go to church, making the crime sound like a targeted killing, 1200 WOAI news.


  Witnesses told police that they saw a man approach the cat in the driveway in the 6400 block of Brownleaf, which is located in Westover Hills on the northwest side, pull a black handgun, and opened fire.


  The police report says the woman was hit by gunfire and fell out of the car, but the man kept shooing her as she lay on the ground before running into a waiting car.


  The man apparently had an accomplice waiting for him, because the car then quickly sped away.


  Nobody on the scene could remember seeing the man before, and say the victim had no history of dealing with the man.


  Police have no suspects, and say the victim was obviously not murdered for her money.  She had $1.49 in change in her purse when she was killed.