Mayors United Against Texting While Driving is urging Texans in the state's large cities to 'take the pledge' and refrain from texting or returning e-mails while driving, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Mayor Julian Castro says the mayors of all major Texas cities are urging citizens to text, not while driving, the message 'icwSan Antonio to 464329.  'icw' stands for 'It Can Wait,' the anti texting whiledriving program started by AT&T.


  "Across Texas and across our nation, texting while driving has become an often fatal epidemic that must be addressed," Castro said.


  The campaign begins September 19th and runs through the end of this month.  AT&T is planning several similar campaigns across the country.


  Renee Flores, AT&T Regional Vice President for External and Legislative Affairs says every text results a 'possible fatality.'


  "A decision has to be made whether or not to reply when we are driving," she said.  "No text is worth your own life, or the life or someone else."


  San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said pounding out a message on a tiny keyboard is the single most dangerous thing a person can do behind the wheel.


  Texting while driving was outlawed in San Antonio in 2010, but Castro concedes that requiring an officer tell the difference between a text and a phone call is preventing more citations from being issued.  But he said the idea of banning all cell phone use while driving in the city is 'not on the radar at this time.'


  Flores says the key is changing our attitudes about instant communication.


  "We can all agree that advancing technology has created a sense of ever present connectivity, the sense that when a text is sent, you will get an immediate reply," she said.  "We have got to change that mind set."