Nothing like an abandoned building
to bring things, and attitudes, down.
And there are plenty of those in certain San Antonio inner city districts. But the city's Operation Facelift, one by one, is redoing those buildings with more than 400 redone to date.

Facelift manager Irma Iris Duran
says the effort bleeds out.

"We like to call it the 'domino effect'.
You have one business improving itself
then the neighbors see it, and then
they want to improve."

She says they've been at this
since 1998. This year's focus is on the so called "So Flo" district, South Flores between Furnish and Cass. area tenants can apply for money to fix up their own buildings.

Duran says
it's part economics, part psychology.

"You think 'crime ridden' and when
you see a dilapidated building,
you assume that there is no care,"
says Duran.

She says they
want to help owners of surrounding
properties to make

"We also offer complimentary design
services to give the business owners
an idea of what the building could look
like," she says.