1950s America didn't have scantily
clad women on deserted islands
trying to kick each other off.
Which is why some people love
American painter Norman Rockwell.

Mcnay Art Museum's
Daniela Olivera says they want
people to come and enjoy their new
Norman Rockwell show ... and return
to a simpler time.

"People will see images
of the end of the war and
the great times that people
lived through in the 1950s."

Rockwell images reflect a G rated America with puppy dogs playing, trips to the dentist chair and the happy go lucky newspaper delivery boy.

"It was what America was living in at the moment.
But one of the great things about Rockwell was that his themes changes as his career evolved."

"He staged models that were often
his neighbors and acquaintances
and those were used as models
for paintings that he will later

Oliver says he went on to portray
the more virulent times of the 1960s.

The show runs through September.