Along with Retailers, Those Guys Who String Lights are Really Busy Right About Now =================================

Clark Griswold wants somebody else to to the job from now on. 

Because, like a lot of his fellow Baby Boomers, the star of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," with his '250 strands of lights' is a little leery of climbing up that ladder these days.

Sean Bush operates ABC Home and Commercial Services. He says there are two reasons why they hang Christmas lights for people.

One because it's kind of a boring job and two:

"When it comes to the joy of the holiday season, people don't want to compromise that with issues of safety. And there are numerous possible accidents that can come from putting up holiday lights."

It's not cheap. Jobs start at $500.

LED lights are more expensive he says and not worth it if the lights are not going to be up for very long.

"LED lights are still on the higher
end. We offer LED lights, but the
costs are a little bit out there."

Bush says people hire them
because they have the ladders
and the know how to do the
job without falling or being