The Texas House will take up that controversial abortion bill today, as Republican leaders waste no time pushing the measure through to avoid the possibility of a filibuster by Democrats killing the measure a second time, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The measure, which would place major restrictions on abortion clinic operations and would limit abortions to no later than 20 weeks gestation, has already prompted huge demonstrations by activists on both sides.


  In fact, Missy Martinez of Students for Life will lead a convoy of pro life students from all across the country to the State Capitol today to encourage support for the bill


  “This isn’t just a state issue, it’s a human rights issue,” she said.  “No matter where it is happening, it’s important.”


  Opponents feel just as passionate.  In fact, Austin businesswoman Candice Adams Roma has gotten 15,000 signatures on a petition on the liberal site encouraging Democrats in the Texas Legislature to leave the state, in hopes of denying Republicans the quorum needed to conduct business and approve the bill.


  “I don’t think that there is any other way of convincing the Republicans and Governor Perry to not do this,” she told 1200 WOAI news.


  A small group of pro choice protesters greeted Perry at Holt Cat Monday afternoon when he arrived to announce his intention not to seek re-election.


  At a hearing in a Senate Committee yesterday, speakers were split on both sides of the issue.


  “We are not addressing the needs of the women who are seeking these abortion services in their desperation,” one man said, calling for more attention to prevent unwanted pregnancies and less on allowing women to kill their unborn children.


  Perry joked at his announcement in San Antonio Monday that the abortion issue will be resolved in ‘this special session or in other special sessions if needed.’


  He said Texas is a ‘pro life state,’ and he will continue to be a ‘strong pro life and pro family state.’