Senator John Cornyn is receiving criticism after his office posted a 'tweet' about Obamacare that Democrats denounced as 'snide and insensitive,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Cornyn's office tweeted on Tuesday, "POTUS says you can get O-care questions answered in 150 languages.  Is English one of them?"


  Political analyst Alan Saxe of the University of Texas at Arlington says this is clearly an attempt by Cornyn to cozy up to the Tea Party.  Many Tea Party members do not consider Cornyn to be sufficiently conservative.


  "He knows that the Tea Party people are not necessarily in his corner, and he is running for re-election," Saxe said.  "In Texas, the Tea Party is a strong, strong force.


 Cornyn's office says the tweet is a 'legitimate policy question,' and a spokeswoman says a lot of people would like to know how Obamacare questions are being answered.


  Saxe says Tweets like this can cause political problems.


  "You don't want ambiguous statements like this because they can be taken in a lot of ways," Saxe said.  "You want comments that are very clear."


  Analysts say the Tweet is geared toward Tea Party voters who still oppose illegal immigration.