Turkey with all the trimmings will cost you a little bit more this Thanksgiving, according to figures released by the Texas Farm Bureau.


  1200 WOAI news reports one of the biggest culprits is the turkey itself.  The cost of a 16 pound turkey today is $20,96, which is up nearly 13% from last year.


  “The price of a traditional Thanksgiving meal has increased a bit, but it is still possible to feed a well balanced meal to a family of 10 for less than $5 per person,” TFB President Kenneth Dierschke said.


  The family dinner will cost a little bit less if you serve pecan pie.  The costs of the pecans is down 12%, while the cost of the whipping cream is down 15%.  You will also save a little on milk and green beans.


  The cost of the cranberry sauce and the sweet potatoes are up.


  The TFB says the cost of a standard Thanksgiving dinner for ten people this year will be $48.08, which is up about $2 from Thanksgiving of 2012.