CPS Energy is giving you a break, sort of.

  The utility's Board of trustees has agreed to reduce the size of the rate increase CPS Energy is trying to push throhg City council, cutting it from 4.75% to 4.25 percent, 1200 WOAI news reports.

 That means the average homeowner would pay an extra $4.68 per month, down from the $5.19 per month that the previous request would have cost.

  The utility moved after CEO Doyle Beneby was grilled by City Council last week over the utility's controversial bonus program.

  Beneby says the utility has also reduced the size of the bonus pool that will be paid to executives by 25% and will use that money to help drive down the size fo the bonus program, or Emplyee Incentive Program, which has caused friction for the utility has it tried to push for the rate increase.

  IN addition, improvements to CPS Energy service centers, which dispatch crews to repsiond to power outages and other customer complaints will be deferred.

  Beneby said those upgrades wll have to be made at some point.

  He said the utility is trying to come up with a rate increase request which is fair, and alloows the utility to expand with the city's growth, but doesn't cause major proglems for rate payers.

  "That matters to us," he said. "We listen to the community, and what we heard was lots of concern and angst over our incentive program."

  The City Council is expected to take a final vote on the proposed rate increase next month.  It would take effect in 2014.