Firebrand Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tx) is calling out Democrats for being willing to let children die in the south Texas Brush Country in exchange for pandering for Hispanic votes on immigration reform, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  After an amendment proposed by Cruz and fellow Republican John Cornyn (R-Texas) which would have beefed up border security was defeated on a party line vote, Cruz took to the microphone to accuse Democrats of contributing to the rise in immigrant deaths through a lax border security system.


  "A system that invites illegal immigration at the level we have is not a humane system, it is not a fair system, it is not consistent with rule of law," Cruz said.


  Democrat Charles Schumer (R-New York) accused Cruz of trying to come up with 'excuses' to oppose a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.


  "Senator Cruz is opposed to a path to citizenship, that is the division here,' Schumer said.  "No matter how tough the border security, he will not support any bill which includes a path to citizenship."


  The Cruz-Cornyn Amendment would have tripled the size of the Border Patrol on the U.S. Mexico border, quadruped investment in security technology, and completed the border fence before illegal immigrants could be granted legal status.


  Cruz pointed out that illegal immigrant deaths in South Texas have hit record numbers since debate began in Washington over immigration reform, and he encouraged Schumer and other Senators to tour the Brush Country to see for themselves.


  "Come sit down with farmers and ranchers on the border, who are dealing with armed 'coyotes' who are coming across their property on a daily and weekly basis," Cruz said.


  A 'coyote' is slang for an immigrant smuggler.


  Cornyn, who recently returned from a trip to Brooks County, which is at the heart of the immigration debate, agreed.


  "A great country deserves a great immigration system," Cornyn said.  "This means recognizing the incentives that lead to the growing number of nameless burial mounts.  It means understanding the malevolent forces that transact in human flesh.  And it means giving federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies the resources they need to save lives and uphold our laws."


  Cornyn and Cruz said the only result of Democratic intransigence in refusing to make the southern border more secure will mean more deaths of innocent children and adults as they attempt to make it into the U.S. illegally.