As talk escalates that freshman Texas Senator Ted Cruz is preparing for a run for President in 2016, Cruz told 1200 WOAI news that he can make a bigger difference in the U.S. Senate, and that's where he plans to stay.


  Cruz spoke with 1200 WOAI's Stephanie Narvaez during a stop in San Antonio late Wednesday.


  "What my focus has been every single day in the Senate is defending liberty, defending the Constitution, and fighting for growth and opportunity," Cruz told WOAI news.  "Regardless of what media stories get written, that is going to continue to be my focus, in the U.S. Senate."


  The conservative web site National Review On Line reported Wednesday that Cruz is laying the groundwork for a Presidential bid.  Cruz told Stephanie he is 'flattered' by 'what the kind men and women in the media' are saying, but he says his 100 percent focus right now is clear.


  "My focus will remain on doing my job,' the job I promised to the citizens of Texas that I would do," he said.


  Cruz remains a favorite of  Tea Party and movement conservative Republicans.  He defeated David Dewhurst on a grass roots tidal wave, and he has continued to bring cheers from conservatives, although sometimes not from his fellow Republicans, with strong stands against gun control and demanding action on the Benghazi scandal and other Obama Administration misdeeds.


  "We are seeing assaults on our liberty in the Senate on a regular basis," Cruz said.  "Just this week, we are seeing the Senate imposing new taxes, a massive new sales tax, $11 billion, which would hit small businesses all across the country."


   Questions have also been raised about Cruz's eligibility to become President.  Cruz was born in Canada, although his mother is a native of Delaware and an American citizen.  Cruz' father is a Cuban exile...ironically...he was a Castro supporter who was exiled from Cuba by the fascist Batista government that Castro overthrew.


  Cruz says his opposition to the Obama Administration is not based on ideology.  It is based in a belied that the Administration's policies 'are not working,' and the people who are being hurt the most are 'the most vulnerable among us' including the poor, the elderly, and minority Americans.