It's become a tradition for San Antonio Spurs fans...the morning after a Spurs playoff victory, you can get a cup of coffee for free at CST Brands Stores, the convenience stores of Valero Energy Corp.


  1200 WOAI news reports that so far during the Spurs playoff run, CST has given away 800,000 cups of coffee.


  CEO Kim Bowers says one more Spurs victory would not only mean a championship, it could push that total to one million cups.


  "We would love to give away a million cups of coffee, I think that's a great call," Bowers said this morning.


  CST Brands was recently spun off from Valero Energy Corp to become a separate retail operation, allowing Valero to focus on its key job of operating refineries and pipelines.


  Bowers says giving away possibly one million cups of coffee may be considered to be a risky enterprise for a new corporation, but it has paid off for CST.


  "The Spurs are out favorite team here in town, and the Corner Stores are your favorite place to come in for coffee in the morning, so we're happy to team up with them," Bowers said.


  In fact, when Valero CEO Bill Klesse announced earlier this year that CST was being spun off, one of the first questions asked by reporters was 'what's going to happen to the free coffee?'