Wendy Davis is making her first stop in San Antonio as a candidate for governor today, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Mayor Castro along with the Ft. Worth state senator is meeting with employees at Rackspace, and the mayor says Davis is making a good impression.


   "It's really a company that shows the best potential for Texas, developing a technology hub for the 21st century," Castro said.


  The private visit it largely to help Davis raise money.  She is currently running well behind likely Republican opponent Greg Abbott in fundraising.


  And while many of Rackspace's employees are from notoriously liberal Northern California, the company culture is Republican.  A look at donation lists shows that The Rackspace PAC and company founder Graham Weston have overwhelmingly donated to Republicans, incluidng Gov. Rick Perry.


  But Castro says Davis' message will resonate with 'Rackers.'


  "She represents a district where she had to go out and get crossover support," Castro said.  "She has done that before, and I am confident that she would do that as governor."


  Castro says Davis represents what America is looking for in its political leaders.


  "This time of gridlock and DC, when people are shouting at each other, Sen. Davis, throughout her career, has shown an ability to work with people on both sides of the aisle."


  While Davis doesn't have any public events during this San Antonio stop, Castro says she will be spending plenty of time in the coming 13 months trying to earn the support of San Antonio voters.