That's when the Davis Mountains State Park, a true mountain range in West Texas, will close. But only for six months.
Park superintendent Tommy Cude says during that time, the park with a mile high elevation, will get extra trail miles for hiking and biking and renovation of the bird viewing area.

"We have two major user groups: retirees with RVs and the other are families."

Cude says they receive about 100 thousand visitors a year ... many who also visit the McDonald Observatory at Fort Davis.

"Many people in Texas don't know that there are mountains in Texas," he says.

"During the summer, the rest of the state is boiling in 100 degree temperatures, we have milder temperatures and our humidity is usually zero."

This year right after the Labor Day crowds have left, workers will begin long overdue renovations of park facilities.
They'll add miles of new trails. The park reopens March 1st next year.