Democratic governor candidate Wendy Davis put out a news release over the weekend touting her endorsement by the Texas AFL-CIO, but Davis also received another endorsement which is not likely to show up on her campaign web page.


1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports Davis has won the 'full and unqualified endorsement' of ',' a web site dedicated to matching young women with wealthy older men who are willing to pay for their college tuition.


The web site's Angela Bermudo says the endorsement comes after the Dallas Morning News reported that rather than working her way through Harvard Law School as she had implied to supporters, Davis actually sought out and married wealthy attorney Jeff Davis, who is 15 years her senior, and he paid her tuition at Harvard Law School. In true 'sugar daddy' status, Jeff Davis says Wendy filed for divorce on the very day that he made the final tuition payment.


"Instead of picking up the negative connotations, she should embrace it, and encourage all the single moms out there to do what she did," Bermudo said.


She says 156,000 young single mothers just like Davis joined in hopes of landing a Sugar Daddy. Single mothers are the site' second largest demographic, making up one third of all 1.7 million female subscribers.


Bermudo says what Davis did with what she calls her 'Sugar Baby' status is not uncommon.


"She has this education from Harvard," she said. "A lot of Sugar Babies are doing that.'


SeekingArrangement founder Brandon Wade says Davis should not shun her past, but should embrace it. He says Davis' acquisition of a Harvard Law degree is in the finest traditions of America's upward mobility.


"Choosing to be a single mother is a brave decision, but that doesn't mean a woman has to accept some predetermined fate," he said. "As a single mother, it would be irresponsible not to choose a partner who is capable of providing financial security."