If yesterday morning is any indication, San Antonio Spurs fans are really going to be down in the dumps on Friday if the Spurs lose to Miami tonight.


  Prominent local psychiatrist Dr. Harry Croft says, even though we don't have any say in the outcome, and an NBA game, unlike actions in our family life or job, don't really affect us in any real way, depression after a favorite team's loss is normal and not at all uncommon.


  "Feeling down, feeling frustrated, feeling sad following some sort of let down is not abnormal," Croft said.


  Croft said callers to Game Night React early Wednesday who talked of felling let down by the Spurs, even some who said they are giving up on the team, are just expressing the sort of emphasis fans place on their favorite teams.


  "Part of the benefit of sports is, they allow us to feel a full range of feelings," he said.


  And if that full range of feelings takes us all the way down to the dumps following tonight's game, Croft says that is normal too.


  But he says it is also normal to get over it.


  "If you can't kick the depression after a couple of weeks or so, that may be a sign of a deeper problem," he said.


  And remember...no matter what happens tonight. a new basketball season begins in November.