One Man Will Bike His Way to Ditching Diabetes

He's your average middle aged Texan but Ray McCutcheon
refuses to accept being sick.

56 year McCutcheon has diabetes, is
overweight and suffers from arthritis and a bad back.
But he's not taking it lying down.

He'll pedal across Texas on a tricycle starting Saturday
to prove no one else has to give in to diabetes

"To bring awareness about exercise. That people can
exercise various ways to reduce their need for
insulin or medication."

He starts in El Paso to ride some 50 miles a day
for 22 days until he reaches Texas/Louisiana border.

He's dropped 35 pounds riding his three wheeled trike
and he plans to lose more ... so he can tell his diabetes
to take a hike.

"I will ride for two hours, then I will stop and rest
then ride for two more hours, have lunch
and then ride more if I have to."

"I am sure I will lose weight on the ride. But even after I
do this, I will continue to ride to lose weight."

He says he no longer can run or walk much but
that is no excuse. He says swimming and riding a trike
provide the same exercise and that if he can do it, so can you.