The Most Basic Thing a Baby Needs Aside from Love?
A clean diaper

It's something that only new parents worry about: diapers.

And because new parents can't do without them ... now there's the Diaper Bank of America.

"The issue of diaper need is something that a lot of people don't think or talk about but it is one of the things that causes a great deal of stress."

But the recession now affects even something as basic as diapers.

"About 30% of mothers struggle with the issue of diaper need."

Colleen Shaddox says nationally there are 150 diaper banks and one here in San Antonio. She says diaper banks are like food banks and serve the underserved.

"Maternal depression and stress is a negative determinant for child development."
"Diapers can be a pretty big part of a families' budget."

Diaper banks accept donations of money --- or diapers.