An off-duty Via Metro Transit police officer saw a two year old toddler walking down busy San Pedro Avenue wearing only a diaper about 1AM today, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The officer noticed the scary sight near Lovera Street, which is just south of Basse Road.


  He jumped out of his car, got the child out of the road, and called San Antonio Police.


  Officers scoured the area, going door to door to try to find where the little girl belonged.


  They finally discovered an open door at the Olmos Terrace Apartments on Contour Dr, about two blocks from where the toddler was found.


  The officer yelled inside, and a groggy man in his twenties confirmed that the little girl is his cousin.


  He says he was babysitting and fell asleep, and the little girl apparently decided to go for a stroll.


  The little girl is okay and is back with her parents.  Child Protective Services has begun an investigation.